If you elect me as your NUS president, I pledge to…

  1. Enact One Member One Vote
  2. Defeat ISIS using NUS boycotts
  3. Speak for all 7 million students we represent, not just a select few
  4. Make Freddo’s 10p again
  5. Credibly push for the Student Loans Company to be adequately resourced so no student has to wait in uncertainty for the money they are entitled to
  6. Call on the government to dedicate Trafalgar Square’s fourth plinth to the serving NUS president
  7. Lobby the government to take international students out of the migration statistics
  8. Ensure every lecture begins with a pledge of allegiance to the NUS
  9. Call to raise the threshold at which Further Education students have to pay back fees to the UK average wage: £26,500
  10. Enact sweeping agrarian reform across the British Isles
  11. Lobby for lower taxes on alcohol in student bars
  12. Rid the world of nuclear weapons utilising the international respect that the NUS has earned
  13. Work to turn back the tide of anti-Semitism on campuses across the country
  14. Ensure jobs for all graduates by starting construction of a real life death star

Click here to see my manifesto.