My Plan

The student movement is on its knees. Our representatives have allowed us to become viewed as illegitimate, extreme, sectarian, and closed minded.


This is how we can turn things around, if you elect me as your next NUS President.

  1. Democracy
    • Support means by which students across the country can vote for our NUS president.
    • Support greater transparency within our formal structures.
    • End secret ballots at NUS conferences so students in our member SU’s can see the record of the delegates they elect.
  2. Legitimacy
    • Stick to campaigning on student issues, not geopolitical ones.
      • Debating irrelevant grandstanding, self aggrandising, self defeating policies makes a mockery of our movement.
      • Let’s turn our focus on to the real issues of living costs.
    • Cut back on street protests. Too often these protests turn the spotlight on the very worst aspects of a vocal and violent minority in the student movement, and makes it too easy to dismiss us.
  3. Inclusivity
    • Welcome people of all opinions into our movement, and avoid factional fights.
      • Student opinion is diverse and we must reflect this.
      • Reach out to those who are too often excluded from our movement.
      • Spend as much time with actual students as possible, tour HE and FE institutions.
  4. Results
    • A renewed, more legitimate NUS will be taken more seriously by the Government. We need to be grown up about our positions.
      • This means we have to be flexible and innovative in our response to government policy.
        • For example, tuition fees are here to stay, lets lobby for a better delivery system and highlight devastating cases of students getting the money they are entitled to and deserve outrageously late.
      • Explore ways we can encourage innovation in education. Is a three or four year expensive university experience the best way to deliver higher education?

Click here to see my manifesto.